Navutec has defined three core assets which shall form the basis for all employees behavior both internally and externally Efficiency,
Innovation and Responsibility.

Who we are
Navutec Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of an enormous variety of high quality active firefighting systems and safety equipment to on/offshore market.
We will continue to stay as a reliable partner of its customers and bring satisfactions through tireless efforts and innovations.
    Business Segment
  • · Engineering System & Service
  • · Fabrication
  • · Product
  • · Wholesale / Agent



SUCCESSFUL PROJECT EXECUTION We will continue to stay as a reliable partner of its customers and bring Safety
to the Fire Fighting System through tireless effor ts and innovations.


The knowledgeable staff at Navutec is incredibly experienced, with some employees having worked
in the active fire protection industry for over 15 years

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HEALTH, SAFTEY, ENVIRONMENT Safety is the first priority !

Navutec always puts HSE on the opt of its priories.
Health, Safety and Environment are of utmost priority to Navutec.
We aim to operated based on human-centered business principles and take social and moral responsibilities for the society.

  • Toolbox Meeting before Work
  • Safety Traning
  • Compliance with Safety Rules
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