System Hardware

The system hardware is engineered by a team with over 15 years of combined
in-the-field fire protection experience.
Our experts know the real-world challenges.
And they know how to optimize the design of our proven products
to fit the individual needs of each customer.

    Premium quality water range of water spray nozzles are designed for use in properly engineered fire protection systems. Ideal for providing exposure protection for capital equipment in refineries, offshore platforms, power stations, process plant and LPG/LNG installations.
    Material : Stainless Steel, Bronze or Titanium (or other optional)
  • Pressure Vacuum/Relief Valve
    The Pressure Vacuum/Relief Valve is designed to be mounted directly to the top of the tank.
    • Type : PRV 1-1/2" Twinact
    • Material : Stainless Steel 316
    • Operating : Automatic
    • Pressure Setting : 0.21 bar
    • Vacuum Setting : 25.4 MM Hg
    The Low Expansion Foam Nozzles consist of a body and deflector especially designed for an optimized foam distribution.
    The foam solution stream is fractioned and air is sucked in inside brass body, and then distributed by the deflec tor with covering angles up to ~ 100°. Foam expansion rate typically 1:5.
    • Material : Body - Brass / Seat - Stainless Steel
    • Model : US30, US50, US80, US100, US150
  • POP-UP 20 (DIFFS Nozzle)

    The Pop-up 20 is flush mounted into the aluminum or steel helideck surface.

    Description Specification
    Model POP-UP 20
    Material Stainless Steel 316, Al-Bronze, Titanium, Bronze
    &available for other materials.
    K-Factor 62 - 115
    Water Pressure Range 4 - 19 bar
    Design pressure 20 bar
    Flow tolerance Nominal value ± 15%
  • Foam/Water Monitor
    Description Specification
    Model FWM-80 FWM-100 FWM-150
    Operating Manual
    Material Stainless steel 316/316L, Bronze
    Rotation 360 degree
    Max. Working Pressure 16 bar
    Max. Cpacity 3,700 L/Min 6,000 L/Min 11,750 L/Min
  • Self Oscillating Device
    Description Specification
    Model WO-80 WO-100 WO-150
    Oscillating Angle 30, 50, 70, 100 degree
    Material Stainless Steel 316
    Max. Working Pressure 16 bar

Gaseous Fire Suppresssion System

Gaseous fire suppression, also called clean agent fire suppression, is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire.

There are three common clean agent fire suppression systems to choose from, including FM-200, Novec™ 1230, and Inergen Clean Agent System. All systems use gases that are safe for the environment and humans, but they utilize different ways of suppressing a fire.

The FM-200 system is stored as a liquid and vaporizes when discharged. The system displaces the oxygen around a fire, but heat absorption is its primary extinguishing capability.

The Inergen system uses inert gases- nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide- to reduce the oxygen level and suppress the fire. While carbon dioxide is included, the on centration is safe for humans and the environment. Once the Inergen concentration is discharged, it returns to the atmosphere in its natural state.

The Novec™ 1230 system uses a liquid that is vaporized when discharged, similar to the FM-200 system.
However, unlike the FM-200 which suppresses the fire by heat absorption or cooling, the Novec™ 1230 displaces the oxygen around a fire to suppress it.