Loose & Safety Equipment
Safe and efficient fire response operations require the readiness of high quality, effective safety equipment approved according to marine, offshore and national standards.
We offetr a complete range of Loose Equipment based on individual vessel, rig and national requirements.
Loose Equipment are designed and tested to the latest regulations and requirements of the marine offshore industries. Approvals include SOLAS/MED, USCG, EN469 and NFPA.
Fireman's Outfit / Personal Protection Equipment
Fireman's Outfit and Personal Protection Equipment shall consist of the following ;
Self contained breathing apparatus Fire suits, Helmet, Boots, Gloves, Hood Safety belt, Lifeline, Fire axe, Safety Lamp Additionally Breathing Air Compressor, EEBD and Radio Communication etc.are supplied.
Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires in emergency situations.
We supply the right size and weight of fire extinguisher & the suitable fire extinguisher type for the relevant class of fire.
  • Water
  • Water Mist
  • Foam
  • Dry Powder
  • Carbon Dioxide CO₂
  • Wet Chemical
Helideck Rescue Equipment
CAP 437 lists the equipment required for the Helicopter Crash Rescue Kit.
Fire Hydrant Equipment
On the open sea, it is imperative to have marine fire fighting equipment on hand. From marine grade MED Approved fire hoses and nozzles to hydrant valves, ship-to-shore adaptors and a huge choice of Internationa l fire fittings.
We are your one-stop single source supplier for high quality, cost-effective fire hydrant equipment.
Fire Hose
High quality lay flat hose for all fire-fighting operations Non-percolating lay flat fire fighting hose - FH 38mm 52mm, 64mm / MED (Range of the inside diameter from 25mm to 52mm)
Hydrant Valves
Pressure Regulating Valve, Globe & Angle type etc.. Available for Class inspection certificate
International Shore Connection
  • Hydrant couplings & values are made with brass or bronze.
  • Ohter material is also available.
Hydrant Nozzles
Dual purposed Jet/Spray type
- NV : NV-12, NV-16, NV-19 / MED
- NV-Hand Grip Type : NV-250, NV-360, NV-475 / MED
Hydrant Couplings
Storz, JIS (Japan), Instantaneous BS336, Gost Roct 2217-76(Russia), US-Standard NFPA 194, Guillemin NF E 29-572 (France), Nor(Norway), Machino(Japan)
Hydrant Cabinet
Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes.

Navutec have a variety of cabinets for fire hose, nozzle, foam making branchpipe, foam liquid, hose reels and valve for use in physically demanding locations from offshore and marine applications to onshore industrial uses.

And cabinet is designed to an installation condition. When outside temperature is minus, heater and insulation will be added. These cabinets are available in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and GRP.
Hose Rell / Hose Reel Cabinet
Navutec offer a new, comprehensive range of easily installed hose reels, which combine high performance and rugged construction with compact and elegant design.

We have three kinds of hose reels.

Offshore hose reels have been specifically designed and developed for use in extreme conditions, therefore, the offshore hose reels are suitable for seawater. Wall mounting and self standing type are available. Marine hose reel is typically in an indoor installation, therefore, they are designed for use in fresh water. Hose Reel mounted behind the door or inside the cabinet.

The general hose reel is stored in fire hose and nozzle.
Mobile Water Monitor
  • Material : Corrosion resistance material
    Body – Stainless Steel 316 / Nozzle – Bronze
  • Flow & Discharge rate : 1000 L/Min & 43 m at 4 bar
  • Working Pressure : max. 16 bar
  • Pivoting area : Horizontal 0 ~ 250 degree / Ele vation range 0 ~90 degree
Water Mist Lance & Special Hammer
NVT-WM Lance
  • Material : Stainless steel 316
  • Water Consumption : 72 L/min at 4 bar( K-Factor : 34.6)
  • Working Pressure : max. 20 bar
  • Throwing Distance : approx. 10m
Special Hammer
  • Heavy Hammer for making an opening for extinguishing lances in doors, steel tanks, roller shutters, roofing tiles etc. Made from gal'v steel, solid welded-on impact tip and non-slip handle.