To offer products that can satisfy its customers,
Navutec dedicates itself to acheie ving quality and mana germent system that mee t global standards.

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ISO 9001
Achilles FPAL
WPS & Welder Certificate

Certified material : Steel, Stainless Steel, Cu-Ni 90/10, Super Duflex
Products (Type approval)
  • Fire-fighters outfit-Lifeline (Lifeline -MED)
  • Dual purposed jet/spray nozzle (NV-12, NV-16 & NV-19)
  • Fire-fighting hose (FH40, FH50)
  • Mobile water monitor (WM-80M)
  • Foam making branchpipe (NFA/NFA-S)
  • Fire-fighters outfit-Lifeline (Lifeline)
  • Mobile water monitor (WM-80M)
  • Water mist lance (NVT-WM Lance & Special Hammer)
  • Fire hose box
  • Mobile water monitor (WM-80M)